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The major selection of water treatment chemical for any system based upon the technical service and after sale service, thus the client chooses treatment on the anticipation to get best service from the seller. Ultimately we comprehend the client’s expectation and we provide best-trained technical service person available. They approach their business as a techno-partner, providing customers with water treatment services that maximize system effectiveness through a unique combination of outstanding service, high quality products and superior technical expertise. In the Syn Water these field engineers reside inside / nearby to client’s plant for their entire career, offering customers unparalleled stability and continuity. Syn Water provides the most experienced technical service team and delivers the best R&D support, with a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory to the end-users. All of these expertise complements Syn chemicals provided at reasonable and predictable prices, that is why our customer increasing trend rate is always higher than the other water treatment companies.